Apr 1, 2013

Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program

Small businesses have one thing in common, they want more customers! My Small Business Marketing and Advertising Consulting will do exactly that, find you more leads that convert to customers for your business.

I’ll customize a program to meets your business needs.

This program meets any budget because it pays for itself.

Coaching and Consulting – As your personal coach and consultant, I’ll help you with:
  • Evaluating your business model and what marketing program best suits your business 
  • Redesign or create website content that sells 
  • Google SEO configuration for your website 
  • Automatic email marketing campaigns designed to capture and convert your website leads 
  • Craigslist and Backpage advertising campaigns that sell 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs and how to maximize your return on investment 
  • More on website design and organic search results 
  • Facebook marketing 
  • Twitter marketing 
  • SEO linking strategies 
  • And a whole bunch more
What’s a New Customer Worth? 

Before going any further, you need to figure out what a new customer is worth to your business? For most businesses, just one new customer per month will easily pay for the cost of my Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program. Once you complete the program for you business, continue to tweak and generate more sales forever… even after your done using our coaching and consulting. Here are some quick examples for you to consider:
  • Professional services who bill over $100 per hour 
  • Home Service Companies who charge $25 per week 
  • Contractors and Handymen whose average sale is a couple of hundred dollars 
  • Restaurants and Retail Stores, how many times does a customer come back and spend $30 
What is your conversion rate and how much are you paying today new customer sales
In short, just about any business that makes more than a few dollars profit on a new customer, especially with products or services where multiple purchases are expected from a customer conversion.

Before you commit to any marketing program, make sure it's profitable

Website Design

I’m not in the website building business, I am in the website optimization business with one simple goal, generate more traffic and capture more website leads for your business.

You may have less than 8 seconds, will your website capture your lead?

Website and Content Need to Look Great
Your website is your store front on the web and it’s where your potential customers will form their first impressions! Much of the work we do with you in our Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program will send new potential customers to your website. The last think you want to do is scare them away with a crappy website.

Great doesn’t mean a bunch of flash content, cool designs, or bells and whistles. Most small businesses benefit from a simple design that effectively communicates and sells your products and services. Bench mark your website against your competition. As yourself which website looks nicer and who would you rather buy from? Keep it neat and clean with affective graphics. Photographs should be professional and show your products and services in their best light.

If you are selling a product or services, get rid of the advertising that sends potential customers away from your website and business. Check the advertising links on your site, if you have Google AdSense installed, when they click the link their gone, you make pennies and loose hundreds.

If they don’t see what they want in 8 seconds, they hit the back button in their browser and they’re gone.

My clients and I work together to update the content and make sure you that no fundamental mistakes are being made.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Every company desires more fee organic search traffic to their website. I like to call this Google SEO since most of today’s searches are done on Google, and Google promotes white hat SEO work. When a customer searches for products or services in Google or Bing, you need to be listed on the first page of those search results. If you are a small business, you have a leg up when it comes to local search r
esults. Make sure your site is configured and follow Goole SEO best practices.
  • Page URL file naming 
  • Page content optimized around keywords 
  • Onsite keyword based anchor text linking 
  • Page Keyword and Description Optimization 
  • Image Optimization 
  • Content 
Capture The Lead

We’ll show you how to create and install web forms that capture new leads to feed your sales funnel. How many customers visit your website and then leave without a trace? This needs to be understood and stopped! It costs too much to get them there, so capture this lead before they’re gone in 8 seconds (or less).

We’ll show you affective ways to capture that lead so you can continue your internet marketing efforts.

Email Marketing

We all hate spam, seems like there’s more and more of it every day. Businesses with the best website site conversion rates have figured out how to capture new leads and then create a great email marketing campaign, significantly increasing their chances at making a sale. Best part is, these new leads actually sign up and will want to receive the information from your company.

We’ll show you the secrets used by the top internet marketers.

This idea alone should generate a few new sales every month for your business! 

Craigslist / Backpage Advertising

Where else can you get FREE advertising for your business, products and services? Your Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program will include a strategy to leverage these tools. Create a template advertisement using simple HTML and images from your website to make it quick and easy to renew and place your ads. No more uploading images which can be slow and time consuming.
Make your ads stand out form the rest.
We’ll show you how to place these ads in just 5 minutes (once per week). This has to be good for a customer or two per month. 

You’ll generate leads directly from Craigslist and also point them to your new revamped website… where you capture the that new lead. Don’t lose this prospect for future sales.

We have some tricks up our sleeve that will drive more traffic to your Craigslist advertisement. More than anyone else in your category. This will keep you stay on top of the search results while your competition lags. If you really want more leads, we’ll show you our process for placing multiple Craigslist ads on the same day in multiple cities.

Google Adwords PPC and PPM

For fast and immediate results you should consider a pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPM – the M stands for 1000 of impressions) advertising program. It’s best to start with a PPC program until you figure out what works and converts, than switch to PPM to reduce your costs.

Don’t Go Broke with Paid Advertising 

Your Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program should include long tail PPC / PPM advertising. Long tail refers to using more obscure keywords that are not so competitive, which means they cost less per click. These keywords will drive traffic to your website which supplements the free SEO and Craigslist Advertising. Again, you should factor in the allowed advertising cost per click and how it relates to your conversion profits.

Your PPC Ad Campaign needs to be profitable on it’s own!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We touched on SEO above in the new design of your website. There are many aspects that drive improved Google SEO performance. Website design is one (see above). The other is back links from other websites that link to your website. Most small businesses don’t have an affective linking strategy as part of their Small Business Marketing and Advertising Program, and they should.

When people link to your website it builds your page rank and improves your search results.
Back links build page rank, you’ll may also receive traffic from the links on other pages. More traffic means more potential leads for you to capture, put them through your automatic email marketing and eventually turn them into a new sale.

Facebook Marketing

One billion potential customers and growing. It’s where people live today and you need to be marketing to these potential customers on Facebook. Facebook has created some tools for customers. Create a free small business page where Facebook users can “fan” your business. You can than promote products, send news and just keep in touch with your current and future customers. Go to Facebook and search for some of your favorite companies and you’ll see what I mean.

You can also create advertisements on Facebook that are contextually based. Their ad program allows for specific demographics and locations. The same long tail approach should be used that we recommend for all PPC/PPM advertising (see Google AdWords PPC and PPM above). These advertisements show up on a user’s wall and are based on their profile and wall content.

You’ll also benefit from the viral aspects of Facebook. When a user becomes a fan of your company page, your company information shows up on their wall and everyone who reads their wall will now see your company information.

Twitter Marketing

OK, I might be stretching here, so how can you use 140 characters to promote your business? Here’s one example, in New York, the specialty food trucks which are constantly on the move, tweet their locations to their customers. We’ll help you brainstorm on how to use twitter and build your following. We’ll show you some tools that automate twitter to drive new customers to your new business.

Automate Your Marketing

We’ll show you how to automate as much as possible. At RichClose.com, I use automatic email to send a series of preplanned emails with business marketing information for my new leads. Create it once and it works for you every time. 

One blog post goes a long ways!

I turn one blog post on my website into an automatic newsletter which is sent to all my subscribers after seven new posts to my site. The new post also automatically ends up as a new post on my business facebook page which in turn sends a tweet to my twitter followers letting them know there’s new information.

Wow, that’s efficient.

There's a lot to do, so let's get started

Rich Close

Dec 2, 2012

G Adviser Newsletter and Blog - Back On Line

It's been sometime since my last post and newsletter from G Adviser.  Stay tuned, I'll soon be bringing you more information on:

Local Listings and promoting your business on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
AdWords advertising tips and advice for lowering your costs and leveraging mobile search.
Local Search Engine Optimization to drive more organic search traffic to your business.

and much more.

Please send me your comments and what you would like to learn more about.

Nov 1, 2012

Use a Blog Website for Your Business

If you don't have a blog or website already, you may want to consider creating one with a blog.  If you would like a blog type website like blog.Gadviser.com, there are free blogging sites where you can quickly and easily create a blog hosted online with no software or monthly fees.
Probably the two biggest online free blog hosts are Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com.  Both services are free to use but they're limited.  For example, Wordpress.com will not allow you to put any advertising on your blog.  However, this is a great way to get your feet wet and see if blogging is right for you.  Blogspot.com will let you put ads on your blog and since they're owned by Google, they have integrated AdSense to help you monetize your site if that's something you're interested in.  For most people either solution offers plenty of flexibility in content and appearance to get you started.
If you use Blogger.com, you can point your blog to your domain.  If you don't have a domain, I register most of my domain names at GoDaddy.com. They're the biggest domain name company in the world.  Google has also integrated Blogger into their Google Apps service for Business (that's what I do).
There are several other blog hosts around but I'd stick with one of the two above.
Stay tuned and I'll show you how I use my blog G Adviser Blog to create an automatic newsletter from the blog posts.

If you have regular information to share a blog can be a more permanent way of sharing information then a social media post or tweet.  May be best to do all three.

Oct 1, 2012

Post Free Ads for Your Business on Craigslist

How can you beat the price, FREE advertising!  That’s right free, other than the time it takes you to post the ads in their classifieds section.  It’s the next best thing to search engine optimization and organic search results.

Craigslist works great for all kinds of products and services in just about any city in the United State and most major cities around the world.   If it’s for sale, it’s probably for sale on Craigslist.   I’ve used it to place advertising for all kinds of businesses including Private Investigation, Retail Shops, Home Contractors and even my own consulting company, gAdviser.   The good news is there local, so you’ll find customers in  a city near you.  Each major city has its own Craigslist advertising board, so you can localize your placement to the area where you want to grow your customers base.

Just because Craigslist is free, doesn’t mean you want to use “free” in your advertisement.   I once posted a “free hot tub” on Craigslist in Detroit… two hundred responses in the first few hours.   OK, maybe if you want a lot of traffic, free is the keyword word to use?

Some Craigslist ads cost money, for example I run an advertising campaign for a recruiter who looks for new candidates and list new job postings on Craigslist.  Some of the larger cities require $25 and more for a posting in each category. We skip those for her campaigns.

If you’re not selling, you could be a buyer and buy products and services on Craigslist to save you money.

Some of the categories and things your business may sell (or buy):

  • Real Estate, Houses, Rentals
  • Services for business, maintenance, contractors, consultants
  • Job Postings for both finders and seekers
  • Cars, Trucks and Planes
  • Just about anything you can think of to buy and sell
  • Business Services like my consulting business for small business advice

All in all, it’s a great place to find new customers.   I will warn you, people are looking for deals on Craigslist so you may have to do a little more selling when you get the lead.

You could also try Backpage, Angie's List and Ebay Classifieds

Jun 1, 2012

Grow Your Small Business with Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s advertising network. These are the “Sponsored Ads” that show up along the left hand side of Google’s Search Results. It’s your way to pay for a front page listing. Pay per click (PPC) programs can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. When done right, PPC can send you new visitors at an very affordable price. You just need to understand the business case that fits your business.

Google AdWords allow you to:
  • Reach Local Mobile Users
  • Advertise to people who search on Google and or anyone of Google’s advertising networks.
  • Reach people actively looking for information about your products and services online.
  • Build very selective demographic based advertising for your business needs.
  • Create your own ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.
When people search on Google and they use one of your keywords, if you bid enough your ad will appear next to the search results. The key is two know which keywords deliver sales and don’t bid on more generic keywords that don’t convert. An AdWords specialist like G Adviser can help you with your AdWords campaign.

To get you started download the Google Growing Your Business with AdWords guide. Feel free to call us with any questions.

May 15, 2012

Facebook Pages for Your Small Business

Facebook created pages specifically for business use. It’s a free service where you can promote your business with text and pictures. 

A facebook page is a way for you to give your business a profile on facebook which will help reinforce your brand image. Facebook pages are public and they can be followed by others just like friending a facebook user. When a user becomes a fan of your page, they will receive an update when your business page has changed. Their friends will also see that they liked your business page.

Here’s the best part… VIRAL MARKETING… everyone that becomes a fan of your page automatically shares this information with all their friends. Typically this attracts their friends who may also become a fan and follow your business… and so on…. and so on …. and so on.

You can use your business facebook page to share your company information as well as post photos, videos, messages… just about anything you might want to share with your new fans. Best part is that any activity you perform on your facebook page is then broadcast to your followers.

Facebook has three kinds of business category pages. You will need to decide if you are a:
  • Local business 
  • Brand or product 
  • Artist band or public figure 
Pick the best one for your business and remember, your page will eventually be categorized with like pages in the same category.

Note: Take some time to pick the right one, once you pick you can’t change! 

When you finish your Facebook Company Page, head right on over to Google+ and Build your Google+ page for your business.

Your social media pages will take continuous effort to keep them updated and interact with your customers. If you do your Facebook and Google+ business page right and keep it relevant with new content, it’s sure to bring you new customers from friend referrals.

May 2, 2012

Register Your Business on Google Local to Find Local Customers for Your Business

As part of your local SEO work, you should be listing your business in local business directories as well as industry specific directories.  They are all free so start with Google First.

The first directory that you should register your business with is Google Local.  People looking for products and services in Google Search and most certainly for Google Local Search we’ll never find your site if it’s not listed here, especially if you are a local business.

Here’s the link to Google Local to list your business… and here’s why!

  • Help local customers find your business on Google Local… again it’s FREE!
  • It will help you get a listing on Google Maps
  • People using mobile devices may receive results for your business based on their location.

Updates are free, so you can easily change your business information, store hours, business categories, upload photos, videos and a bunch of other stuff about you.

Google Local also has analytic data for you local search results.  Learn where your customers on the web come from and what terms they used to search for your business.

Don't forget to also register on Bing Local and Yahoo Local.