Feb 25, 2011

Get Your Ad Placed Above the Search Results

Google will only show up to three ads above the search results.  If you have a top-performing ad it can be eligible for these positions.

What do to ads look like? 

These ads appear above the search results, often with the headline followed by one line that joins the Description Line 1 and Description Line 2 and then the display URL. In some cases, if Description Line 1 is a sentence (ending in appropriate country-specific punctuation), that line can be added to your ad's headline, separated by a dash.
For example, if your ad's headline is "Airfare sale" and your first description line reads "Low rates from San Francisco.", your ad's headline could look like this:
Airfare sale - Low rates from San Francisco.
Adding more descriptive text to your headline can help you maximize the potential of your ad to appear above these search results
Quality Score is Also Important

Your add rank and quality score also play a significant part in achieving above the search results placement.  See my previous post on A Great Quality Score Improves your Add Rank to help understand how to improve your ads quality score and bid.