Feb 12, 2011

If You Build a Website They Will Come.... NOT!!

After building a website, most small business owners soon figure out that they aren’t getting any traffic and having a website is a waste of their time and money, that’s because you’re going about it all wrong.    Just because you build a website doesn't mean they will come, you’ve got to work at getting them there!  That's where search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising like Google AdWords come in.

You need to think about your website as an online brochure.   It sells your product and service and most importantly in should captures a new sales lead.

If you never pass out your brochure, you’ll never make a sale.  If you never share or promote your website, you'll never get any traffic and your online brochure will never sell anything and you'll never get more business.  You need to promote your website and business with:

Get all the links to for your website that you can get:

  • Promote your business on social media sites like Facebook or MySpace.</li>
  • Frequent blogs a leave comments on posts, good relevant comments with a link back to your website</li>
  • Maintain an opt in email list for a regular newsletter</li>
  • Advertising (free and paid), if it's paid, make sure it pays.</li>

Utilize every possible avenue to hand out your online business brochure... your website.