Feb 12, 2011

Spend Your Time Wisely

The best small business advice I can give you is to spend your time wisely!   Should you be doing the work yourself or hiring it out to others?  Whose better at what needs to be done in your business than you are?

No matter what your business; doctor, contractor, restaurateur… you’re probably better at your profession than you are at the internet advertising and online marketing.  Make sure you continue to focus on your business, it’s where you make your money.  Sometimes it’s better to pay to have work done than to do it yourself, unless of course you love doing the work.  I have a friend of mine who is a partner in a firm, he bills $200 an hour for his time and hates to do work around the house like painting and yard work.  He’d rather spend Saturday morning at the office making $1000 and pay someone to do his advertising and link building.  He’s more efficient at what he does and the advertising and marketing  consultant is more efficient at what they do.  Same thing for building your business with online tools and resources, do what you want and like to do.  Then talk someone else into or pay for the other stuff.  Be cautious of friends who can help unless it's their profession.