Mar 20, 2011

Create a Free Mobile Version of your Website or Blog

Google has a free and easy to use tool which renders a mobile version of your website.  Simply enter the URL of the website or blog and google will create a mobile version.  Is it perfect, probably not but it certainly affective. 

Just go to the Google Mobile Conversion Utility (it’s a pretty stark page).  Select display images or not and Google returns your site in a form that is more mobile friendly.

Have a look at on your mobile browser it’s clean and looks pretty good but you have to zoom and scroll around to see the content.  No try Google Mobile Conversion of our site at gAdviser Mobile, notice how it’s turned the site into one long page with text that wraps.  It’s much easier to read and now scrolling.

I offer a link to the mobile versions of my site and blog in the footer of each page.  This is a quick easy solution until you can have a true Mobile version built.  Note that any links which are created to your Google Rendered Mobile site will not help with any SEO back linking.