Mar 15, 2011

Mobile Devices and How They Affect Your Business

There are over 5 Billion mobile phones in use world wide... they will all eventually be connected to the Internet. 

Here are the key trends in mobile use and how they may affect your business:
  • Entertainment
  • Immediate
  • Local
  • Shopping Companion
Mobile technology will be the largest technology revolution ever.  Mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads and readers are now outselling PC’s.  In 2013 it’s expected that this will be at a 2 to 1 rate.  By the end of 2011 over half of all Americans will have a smart phone.

Google is seeing more than a 20% growth in revenue from mobile pay per click (year over year) results.  They are also seeing mobile search growing at 400% year over year.  Mobile traffic on Cisco routers has a 75% growth rate per year.

Ebay is seeing 1 transaction every second from a mobile device.  Three Ferraris are beeing sold per month on ebay motors mobile site.

200 Million YouTube videos are watched every day on a mobile device

Books, magazines, music and payments are all being purchased and used on mobile devices.  

Last Year there was a 400% increase in mobile searches

If you have a local business, one huge benefit for you will be location based services on a mobile device.

Mobile is local.  1 in 3 searches today are a local search.  After looking up a business on their mobile device, 61% called that the store and 59% visited the store.

15% of Consumer Electronics searches are mobile
26% of Restaurants searches are mobile
15% of Beauty and Personal searches are mobile
15% of Finance and Insurance searches are mobile
17% of Auto searches are mobile

79% of Online Advertiser do not have have a mobile optimized site.

Shopping Companion.  79% of smartphone Internet users use their smartphones to help with shopping and 74% purchased as a result of the information found.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly.
  1. Create a mobile specific site or ensure you site renders well in a mobile browser.
  2. Make sure your paid advertising campaigns are targeting the mobile search network.
  3. Create display ads for use on the mobile content network.
  4. Ensure you Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local listings for all your locations are updated and accurate.
  5. Track your mobile traffic and conversions independent of your other data.
  6. Test and change, test and change to always optimize.
  7. Train your staff and front line employees and managers how you want competitive mobile encounters handled.
What should you watch out for?
  1. Mobile will affect every business in every way
  2. Customers in your store can comparison price shop from their mobile device.
  3. How do you prevent a customer from seeing something in your store and then buy it on the spot (while in your store) from their mobile device and shipped direct to their home.
  4. Coupons and discounts direct to their phone based on products searched.