Mar 1, 2011

The Search for Your Business is Online - Are You There?

The search for your business is online.  Here are some recent stats from Google about online search and how it may affect your business.  To help your business be found online, make sure you have a great website, your business is listed in Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local and your strategically using paid advertising that fits your budget.

Here's some stats:
  • 89% of Consumers Started their holiday shopping online
  • Portable PC shoppers do an average of 14 searches during their shopping process
  • Consumers exposed to a Homepage Ad on You Tube are four times more likely to visit the advertisers site, search for the brand or watch the company's videos.
  • 60% of Moms search for coupons or special offers
  • Google provides more dating site referrals than anyone of which 64% become new members
  • Over 70% of TV, movies and gaming fans visit sites on the google display network every day.
  • The Google Display Network reaches more auto buyers than any other portal.
  • 25% of Auto Purchasers access and research using a mobile device before making their next purchase.
  • 75% of patients research symptoms online before discussing them with their doctors
  • 40% of travelers search for consumer reviews online before booking their trip
Any type of buiness from anywhere with any device.

The Search is On .... Will your busines be found?

We're hear to help