Mar 5, 2011

Use The Power of Gmail Search - Here's some tips

How do you find messages in your email?  Do you sort by name or date or maybe look in folders?  Try some of these advanced searches using the gmail search feature.  Once mastered I think you'll find it much faster than manually scrolling through folders or you sent box.

Simple Gmail Name Search:

Enter a name or something in an email that your looking for.  Immediately your mail is searched just like a google search.  This is a quick and dirty way to find a recent message from someone or about a subject.

For example search for Rich to find messages you've sent to Rich.  Or maybe an email about a Nikon Camera you remembered receiving.

So let's say you entered Rich in the search field.  gMail search results display:

a) Messages to anyone named Rich
b) Messages you've sent to Rich
c) Messages containing the word 'rich'
d) And a notice of any messages that still exist in your Trash to, from or containing the word 'rich'

Using Keywords:

Using search keywords, such as 'from:' or 'subject:' enable you to quickly find messages from aspecific individual or a gMail with a specific word or phase in the subject.

In the Google Mail search bar, type the word 'from:'.   Notice that gMail provides a drop-down list from which you can select the keyword. Select 'from:' from the list, or type in 'from:' in the Google Mail search bar.   Keep typing either the individual's email address or their name.  Google will try to auto complete the name or email address for you if it's someone you converse with frequently.

To search for messages from Rich, you should have (upper or lower case is fine):

or to search within the subjects of messages:

subject:nikon camera

You can also combine keywords in your search.  To search for messages from Rich about Nikon Cameras:

subject:nikon camera AND from:rich

You can also use the OR operator:

from:rich OR from:bob

Here are some of the other keywords to use in search: