Apr 10, 2011

Google Makes Easy to Switch to Google Apps Gmail

Have you been procrastinating changing to Google Apps Gmail or even regular gmail?  If the idea of losing years of accumulated contacts and messages can sound daunting,  It doesn't need to be a painful process anymore.

Switching to Google Apps Gmail doesn’t mean you have to start totally fresh.  Back in 2009 Google  announced tools that let you import email and contacts from other email providers, such as AOL or Hotmail.  Now you can use similar tools to import email and contacts from any of these fourteen domains (email providers):

  • aol.com.br
  • hotmail.es
  • hotmail.it
  • hotmail.co.jp
  • Kimo.com
  • live.jp
  • yahoo.es
  • yahoo.cn
  • yahoo.com.cn
  • yahoo.com.hk
  • yahoo.com.sg
  • yahoo.com.tw
  • yahoo.co.jp
  • yahoo.it
Of course Google wants you to use there services and they're trying to make it easy for you.  They have a help site, gmail.com/switch, with basic information and how and why you might want to switch to Gmail.

So don't let the migration of your current email data and contacts stop you from moving your small business to Google Apps gmail.