Apr 15, 2011

Run Experiments in Google AdWords for Statistical Significance

Are you tired of playing the guessing game, maybe changing a bidding strategy Max CPC or Ad Text, you get the results then your not sure if their statistically significant. You start to doubt results because something else was changing outside of your control...

Google recently announced AdWords Experiments.  AdWords Experiments allow you to compare perform real time side by side comparisons of a potential change your thinking of making to an ad Campaign. An AdWords Campaign Experiments can be run on your keywords, bids, placements, ad groups and/or ad creatives, and more. AdWords reports can be run to evaluate your experiment's performance. Just show your report by selecting the Experiments from the segment drop down or you can download and evaluate your data in a spreadsheet (no more cutting and pasting)!

With AdWords Experiment reports a you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the performance of your experimental campaign changes (“experiment”) versus your original setup (“control”). You’ll also be able to see the level of statistical significance for your experiment performance, which should help you judge if experiment performance was due to chance or an actual difference in performance.  Statistically significant results will take the guess work our of your campaign testing.

Understanding your experiment's performance can help you determine whether you’re ready to accept your changes fully, remove changes or keep running your experiment. Reports also serve as an important record of experiment outcomes as you won’t see your past experiment data after you’ve accepted or removed your changes.

AdWords experimental data in your AdWords control panel can provide you with invaluable real-time data on how campaign changes affect your account. Whether you find that you have significant improvements to make or your account is running just fine, every experiment is a good experiment!

What are you waiting for, start testing today to improve you campaigns results.  Need help?  Give us a call at gAdviser.