May 21, 2011

Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting - Improve Site Page Speed

Google is pretty insistent that a the user experience improves with faster page load times or page speed.  A slow loading page will affect your Google Page rank as well as conversions on your website.  Your website pages should load fast and should not keep the customers waiting for the information they seek or products they want to buy.  The new Google Analytics interface is not exception and offers analysis for your website and pages to improve page speed.  

There are many tools and website for measuring page speed but they end there.  Google Analytics gives you more consistent results and takes the analysis a step further by allowing you to compare this data in context with your other analytics measurements.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Google Analytics Site Speed data:

Which landing pages are slowest?
When used with Google AdWords which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall?
How does page load time vary across geographies?
Do different browsers load you page faster or slower?

One effective use of the Site Speed report is to measure speed for your most critical pages. For example, you might learn that the target audience of your site is located in a geographic region that experiences slower page speed. Or, you might learn that certain pages on your site run slower in some browsers.  Changes to your website pages could then be made based on this data to improve the user's experience int those regions or with that information.