May 5, 2011

Start Your First AdWords Experiment

A few weeks ago, I posted Run Experiments in Google AdWords for Statistical Significance, have you started your first experiment yet?

Take the guess work out of your AdWords campaign.  You can setup an experiment to run on 50% of your AdWords traffic for thirty days.  Monitor the results as you go comparing the test setup with your campaign setup.  You can decide at any time whether to apply your experimental settings to you campaign or revert back.

It's really easy to get an experiment running in AdWords from your Opportunities tab:

1) Select keyword or bid ideas you want to test.
2) Select the checkbox for "Evaluate this idea for up to 30 days."
3) Click "Apply now."

Monitor your AdWords Experiment performance

When your experiment is running, you’ll be able to monitor your experiment performance from the Ideas page of the Opportunities tab.

You can also review keyword performance from your experiments using the Keywords tab and then segment your data by "Experiment."

Remember no experiment is a bad one,  you’ll leave your experiment with more knowledge than you had previously, which means every experiment is a good experiment.