Mar 1, 2012

Capture that lead and Continue to SELL Something

Forget SEO for a minute and remember your first priority, it’s for your website to sell you, your products and your services.  Go back to content, study your competitions sites and make sure your site is selling something.  Capture the lead with an email form; give them a discount or something for free.  Once the lead is gone, they are gone forever. 

Once I capture the lead, my email marketing does all my initial work for me.  I use a feature called auto responders.  When a customer enters their email in the form, that starts a series of automatic emails.  So instead of a potential customer just visiting your site, you now have an ongoing opportunity to build credibility and to make a sale to that potential prospect. 

The best part is you create the email once and your auto responder uses the series of emails you've created and emails the same think to every new member to your list.  Provide the customer with enough good information and they will call!

Be a little careful with email services, some of the email companies like Google’s gmail, can recognize mail sent from a service and will place it in the spam folder, so any critical email should go directly from your business email to your potential customer.

Make sure you capture the lead and sell something on your website!