May 15, 2012

Facebook Pages for Your Small Business

Facebook created pages specifically for business use. It’s a free service where you can promote your business with text and pictures. 

A facebook page is a way for you to give your business a profile on facebook which will help reinforce your brand image. Facebook pages are public and they can be followed by others just like friending a facebook user. When a user becomes a fan of your page, they will receive an update when your business page has changed. Their friends will also see that they liked your business page.

Here’s the best part… VIRAL MARKETING… everyone that becomes a fan of your page automatically shares this information with all their friends. Typically this attracts their friends who may also become a fan and follow your business… and so on…. and so on …. and so on.

You can use your business facebook page to share your company information as well as post photos, videos, messages… just about anything you might want to share with your new fans. Best part is that any activity you perform on your facebook page is then broadcast to your followers.

Facebook has three kinds of business category pages. You will need to decide if you are a:
  • Local business 
  • Brand or product 
  • Artist band or public figure 
Pick the best one for your business and remember, your page will eventually be categorized with like pages in the same category.

Note: Take some time to pick the right one, once you pick you can’t change! 

When you finish your Facebook Company Page, head right on over to Google+ and Build your Google+ page for your business.

Your social media pages will take continuous effort to keep them updated and interact with your customers. If you do your Facebook and Google+ business page right and keep it relevant with new content, it’s sure to bring you new customers from friend referrals.