May 1, 2012

Free Local Listing on Google, Bing and Yahoo Local

Let's start with some free marketing and advertising ideas using the local business listing pages available from the major search engines and social media websites. Google, Yahoo and Bing all have a local business listing service where the business address and phone numbers are confirmed by their service. The intent of these listing are to have accurate, relevant search results for customers using maps and local listing on mobile devices.

Visit each of the local listing sites for Google, Bing and Yahoo to claim your business listing and verify your ownership.

You should edit your listing information to make sure it's accurate with descriptions and services that leverage what you learned from the Goole SEO starter guide. High Quality Pictures and Photos should also be added, make sure the file names are change to include your business name and a description of what's in the picture before they are uploaded. Again, this is good white hat SEO from Google's Starter Guide.

Make sure to verify your listings on:

Bing Local
Yahoo Local