May 2, 2012

Register Your Business on Google Local to Find Local Customers for Your Business

As part of your local SEO work, you should be listing your business in local business directories as well as industry specific directories.  They are all free so start with Google First.

The first directory that you should register your business with is Google Local.  People looking for products and services in Google Search and most certainly for Google Local Search we’ll never find your site if it’s not listed here, especially if you are a local business.

Here’s the link to Google Local to list your business… and here’s why!

  • Help local customers find your business on Google Local… again it’s FREE!
  • It will help you get a listing on Google Maps
  • People using mobile devices may receive results for your business based on their location.

Updates are free, so you can easily change your business information, store hours, business categories, upload photos, videos and a bunch of other stuff about you.

Google Local also has analytic data for you local search results.  Learn where your customers on the web come from and what terms they used to search for your business.

Don't forget to also register on Bing Local and Yahoo Local.