Oct 1, 2012

Post Free Ads for Your Business on Craigslist

How can you beat the price, FREE advertising!  That’s right free, other than the time it takes you to post the ads in their classifieds section.  It’s the next best thing to search engine optimization and organic search results.

Craigslist works great for all kinds of products and services in just about any city in the United State and most major cities around the world.   If it’s for sale, it’s probably for sale on Craigslist.   I’ve used it to place advertising for all kinds of businesses including Private Investigation, Retail Shops, Home Contractors and even my own consulting company, gAdviser.   The good news is there local, so you’ll find customers in  a city near you.  Each major city has its own Craigslist advertising board, so you can localize your placement to the area where you want to grow your customers base.

Just because Craigslist is free, doesn’t mean you want to use “free” in your advertisement.   I once posted a “free hot tub” on Craigslist in Detroit… two hundred responses in the first few hours.   OK, maybe if you want a lot of traffic, free is the keyword word to use?

Some Craigslist ads cost money, for example I run an advertising campaign for a recruiter who looks for new candidates and list new job postings on Craigslist.  Some of the larger cities require $25 and more for a posting in each category. We skip those for her campaigns.

If you’re not selling, you could be a buyer and buy products and services on Craigslist to save you money.

Some of the categories and things your business may sell (or buy):

  • Real Estate, Houses, Rentals
  • Services for business, maintenance, contractors, consultants
  • Job Postings for both finders and seekers
  • Cars, Trucks and Planes
  • Just about anything you can think of to buy and sell
  • Business Services like my consulting business for small business advice

All in all, it’s a great place to find new customers.   I will warn you, people are looking for deals on Craigslist so you may have to do a little more selling when you get the lead.

You could also try Backpage, Angie's List and Ebay Classifieds